Plantation Shutter Cost

The most confusing aspect when purchasing plantation shutters is understanding costs or pricing. The industry standard for plantation shutter costs is square feet pricing. There is a second method that many companies use known as grid pricing.

There are variable shutter options that may incur additional charges with both methods. (Manufacturer's Reviews) These options include, but are not limited to: frame type, rear tilt/hidden tilt, sill cap, bifold, bypass tracks, build out, French door cut outs, specialty shapes, special hinges, specialty colors, specialty stains and shipping.

Method #1: Square feet pricing.

Figuring out the square footage is as simple as taking the width of the window opening and multiplying by the height of the window opening, then dividing that number by 144. This will produce the square feet of each indivudual window opening. Many shutter manufacturers use window opening size plus frame size to calculate square feet.

Example: Width X Height ÷ 144 = Square Feet

Square Feet X Price per Square Foot = Plantation Shutter Cost

Method #2: Grid pricing.

Some manufacturers use grids in order to calculate shutter costs. By finding the window width in the "width" row and intersecting it with the window height in the "height" column, the grid will give you your window shutter price.